Visit to ELCITA Solid Waste Management Facility

As part of the E-City Segregates 2.0 Project, which involves ELCITA, SweepSmart and Waste Wise Management and Consulting Services, 10 companies were invited to the ELCITA Solid Waste Management Facility. The purpose was to observe what happens to the waste after it leaves the company premises and to understand how waste is processed in the facility.

All the companies’ waste was put into the conveyor belt and the visitors got a chance to see how waste segregation takes place. ELCITA CEO, Rama NS addressed the gathering and appreciated the participation from these companies.

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  1. Akshatha says:

    Resident representatives from Ecity phase#2 along with Panchayat personnel would like to visit your ELCITA SWM Plant to understand the process and measures taken in interest of the health of neighbourhood.
    We are suffering from obnxious smell coming form BBMP managed Chikkanagamangala SWM plant, need immediate responsible actions from BBMP.

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