Toilet to Tap



The T-ZED community in Whitefield is 100% water sustainable. They do not use any external water source, and they use water from just two bore wells, that too, during non-rainy season. How do they do it? Their goal was to be water neutral – to discharge back into the earth the same amount of water which they had drawn from it. So they reduced wastage; they set up an extensive rainwater harvesting system. What’s more, they take the treated water from their Sewage Treatment Plant, through a set of RO systems to recycle the water back into kitchens and bathrooms.

Yes, from toilet to tap! You can hear the Management Committee of this residential community explain how they did it:

Babu Rangaswamy, ELCIA past president and current EC member, is from T-ZED community, and heads the TZED residents’ association now.

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