Introducing the ELCITA CITIZEN App

ELCITIZEN is an initiative of ELCITA, Bengaluru for people living and working in Electronics City to engage with the ELCITA authorities. This will help us effectively govern this region and improve quality of life.

This communication channel will enable citizens to raise a complaint about any aspect of life in Electronics City. This platform seeks to promote Participative Urban Governance through timely, transparent, effective and efficient service delivery and situational awareness through data.

It leverage the existing infrastructure towards a SMART CAMPUS enriching overall experience for all stakeholders involved.

Download from Google Play

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11 Responses

  1. Nikita says:

    This app isn’t available on iOs and now you are asking us to scan the QR code to board the shuttle service. Could you either provide the app on iOs or give us another alternative for people who have iPhones.

  2. Asutosh says:

    Is elcitizen app is coming for iOS too? I think app is required to use the shuttle service?

  3. Kashif Razi says:

    What is the app for iOS users? Can’t find one.
    Also, can we not use the free shuttle if we do not have the app installed?

  4. Honey says:

    What about people who have ios

  5. Raghu Nandan says:

    no app for ios (apple devices)

  6. Anu says:

    Can we have the same for apple play store please.

  7. Bency says:

    This app is not available for iOS and the shuttle driver asking to scan the QR code while entering.What I have to do?

  8. B jogeswara rao says:

    How to download app from apple store

  9. Shambhavi says:

    I need to install app for iphone, when will the iOS version be launched, can we travel without scanning the barcode, since there is no available app for iPhone ?

  10. Mithu sekh says:

    My name is mithu sekh my pf is not el a it

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