Infra Update – April 2017

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Infra Updates – April 2017


  1. Footpath & Drain Works along West Avenue-9 (Petrol Bunk Road)
  2. 20 e-toilets Installed at various location of Electronics City and Operational– Completed.  (West & East Phase)
  3. Modification of Existing street light pole with LED lights, Splitters, Camera, Advertisement Board, etc completed
    1. West Avenue 1 (Infosys Avenue)
    2. West Avenue 8 (Pump House Road)
    3. West Avenue 9 – Petrol Bunk Road
    4. West Avenue 7 – Wipro Neeladri Road
  4. Footpath Work along East Avenue 1 (TCS Road)
  5. Footpath Work along East Avenue 1 (Hical Road)
  6. Construction of RCC Culvert opp SYSCON West Avenue 8
  7. Construction RCC Culvert Opp Namtech – West lane 1
  8. Providing SS Bar screen at 300 KLD STP.
  9. Providing Barbide wire fencing East Avenue 2
  10. Providing RCC Slab opp BETL
  11. Footpath work at Pumphouse
  12. Road Side lane, Speed Hump & Pedestrian Marking (Electronics City West & East Phase)

In progress:

  1. Proposed Skywalk from Ecity West phase to East Phase.
  2. Footpath & Drain Works along West Avenue-8 (Police Station Side)
  3. Wet Mix Laying – East Avenue 1
  4. Drain work– West Lane 12 (Arvind Mills Road)
  5. Construction of Compound Wall– Pump House
  6. Providing Chequer Sheet Cover to Avoid Smell going to the nearby companies
  7. Construction of 7KLD STP ESBR Technology at ELCITA office
  8. Construction of RCC drain (XIME)– East Avenue 2
  9. Construction of RCC Drain Footpath works near Siemens – West Avenue 1
  10. Construction of 3KL Capacity UG Sump for E- Toilet
    1. Opp DMart
    2. Tech Mahindra
    3. HP AVenue
    4. BWSSB
    5. Below Flyover (East Phase)
    6. Edizi Tools (East Phase)
  11. Providing MS Railing for pedestrian safety – West Avenue 1 (Infosys Avenue)

Contract Awarded

  1. Proposed construction of Drains, laying of Pavers, Kerb stones and Drain cover slabs from Xime Junction to Tata power rear gate &  TCS Gate no 2 to Edizi Tools junction (East Avenue 2 & 4), East Phase
  2. Providing and laying of Asphalting using 60/70 grade bitumen
  1. from Edizi Tools to TCS gate no 3 via Y-Junction, (East Avenue 1& 4). East Phase
  2. Along Café Corner & JP IT Park Road


Contract Published:

  1. Modification of existing street light poles with LED lights, Splitters, Camera, Advertisement Board, etc
  2. Providing House Keeping Services to ELCITA within e-city Industrial Township Area.

Contracts on Anvil

  1. Construction of Concrete Drains, laying of Pavers, Kerb stones and Drain cover slabs
    1. Erkadi System to Arvind Mills (West Phase)
  2. Construction of 400 KLD STP in KSSIDC Land, West Phase.
  3. Construction of 500 KLD STP in KIADB Land, East Phase.
  4. Replacing the Existing RMU with New Compact RMU near M/s BHEL Ltd.

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