ELCITA Notification No.003/2013

Date: 24th December 2013

Advertisements and Promotional Activities
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It is hereby notified that no advertisements shall be exhibited, erected, fixed upon any land, building, wall, frame,  post or structure or upon any vehicle in any manner whatsoever and, no promotional activities such as putting up kiosk, stalls, pamphlet distribution, canvassing  at common areas for business promotions, putting up banners and posters, putting up direction boards and sticking of notices in any area within the Electronics City industrial Township area, without the written permission of Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA).   The area also includes the premises of industries / establishments.  However, industries / establishments may put up advertisement for promotion of their own product / services manufactured / offered within their premises in Electronics City.

If any advertisement is exhibited, erected, fixed or retained or any promotional activity is undertaken in contravention of this Notification, ELCITA may, by notice in writing, require the owner or occupier of the land in which is same is exhibited, erected, fixed to take down or remove such advertisement immediately or may enter any land, building, property or vehicle and have the advertisement dismantled or taken down at costs to be borne by the owner of the land.

The Township Authority will charge penalty for any violation specified in this Notification and the rates of such penalty will be determined by the Township Authority from time to time.

This Notification will come into force with immediate effect.

Chief Executive Officer
Electronics City Industrial Township Authority

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