Change in Shuttle Timings From 6th of Jan

Based on feedback of users, usage pattern and statistics, we had carried out tweaking of timings of the shuttle routes, however, once implemented, we had got additional feedback which we have tried to accommodate. These revisions were to be effected from 02 Jan 2020, however, due to oversight, on Monday, the routes were run on the new timings.

Efforts have been made to have shuttles covering major points every 20 minutes and aligned to the office timings of majority of our companies. The enclosed timings would be effective from 02 January 2020. Current timings announced for 02 Dec 2019 would continue till the new timings are implemented.

Download (PDF, 254KB)

Route and timings from January 2, 2020

Download (PDF, 254KB)

Benefits of scanning QR code

While efforts are made to have the shuttle timings aligned to benefit maximum users, we seek whole hearted cooperation of users to endure they and their fellow travellers scan the QR code, this helps us capture the number of users on each trip and helps optimize the routes. QR codes are displayed at multiple locations in the bus, in case users fail to scan the QR code, we will not get the actual count resulting in routes being taken off even though the buses are running full as the passenger count captured in the app would be low.

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16 Responses

  1. Anisa says:

    Please display the shuttle number in the map instead of vehicle number

  2. Pavithra says:

    There are no shuttles for a long period ( between 9 AM to 10.15 AM) from brand factory. Can you think of shortening this gap please?

  3. Rohitha says:

    The map route and actual route of shuttles differ. And it is difficult to find which shuttle is coming through which route. Timing chart cannbe made more appropriate according to shuttle no.

  4. Asha SR says:

    we have released updated version,kindly download it from goggle play store for more details about shuttle routes and timings.

  5. Aniruddha says:

    The gps location of shuttle 3 and 4 seems to wrong. You can’t trcak these 2 shuttles.

  6. Pavan says:

    If shuttle timings are updated, kindly inform it in the website also so that people are aware of it those who will not use regularly.

  7. PS says:

    This is a humble request from your fellow citizen in Electronic City. Can we have one more route or stop included in the shuttle services please?
    That is, till the petrol bunk or till DMart? Organisations that are located near the petrol pump or near DMart are Titan, HCL, Moog. Unfortunately there is no direct connectivity to this place from the main bus stop of 378.
    One need to walk the stretch from main bus stop 378 till the office. To add more difficulties, there is no road that connects this stretch as well, metro work is underway, and it is difficult to move around to get to the destination.
    Would be really helpful, if this request can be processed. Kindly do the needful, and expecting a revert from you. This request has been placed since last year.

  8. PS says:

    The bus timings and live update on the bus schedule was very useful. Now with the new app, the bus schedule is not available. Becomes very difficult.
    Kindly update the bus schedule.

  9. Bincy says:

    Is the elcita shuttle available on Saturdays?

  10. Sarmistha says:

    7:45pm Shuttle 1(phase 2 to phase 1) never follows the route mentioned in the app. Many times the real time location displayed in the app is not correct.

  11. Srinivas says:

    HI Sarmishta,
    Regret the inconvenience caused, We will strictly instruct our driver to follow the route has the list.

  12. Srinivas says:


    We will strictly inform our driver to follow the route has per the scheduled

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