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Electronics city waste management facility got smarter!

As part of Smart city initiative @ Electronics city, ELCITA (Electronics City Industrial Township Authority) has launched a smarter solid waste management facility on 25th January, 2017 towards achieving “Zero waste to Landfill”.


Biogas plants at E-city

Biogas is one of the most productive ways of disposing organic waste at the source of generation. Organic waste such as food waste, garden waste and STP sludge is sent to the Biogas plants...

e-waste Guidelines: Applicability for ELCITA

Definitions and Application for Companies / ELCITA Members a)      Bulk Consumer:  Bulk users of Electrical and Electronic equipment such as Central Government or State Government Departments, Public Sector undertakings, banks, educations institutions, multinational organizations,...

e-waste Guidelines: Applicability of Rules

FOR PRODUCERS / MANUFACTURERS/OEMS/BRANDS Collection of waste generated during the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment and channelized it for recycling or safe disposal Collection of e-waste generated from the End-of-Life (EOL): of products...

Definition of e-waste Recycling

Definition of E-Recycling: a)      Authorization: permission for handling, collection, reception, storage, transportation, dismantling, recycling, treatment and disposal of e-waste under sub-rule (3) of rule (9) b)      Collection Centre: a center established, individually, or jointly...

Handling e-Waste at e-City

These guidelines have been developed to assist member companies improve their management of e-Waste. Click on the steps in the flowchart for more information on each item.

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