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Campaign on banning single use disposables

Single use disposables end up in dump yards, choke drains, kill animals, and pollute the environment. It’s high time for us to act, spread the awareness on the ill effects of single use disposables, and encourage the use of cloth bags /steel/glass/porcelain cutlery and crockery.

Join us as we kick-off an awareness campaign on banning the use of single use disposables in shops, eateries, and hotels in and around E-city. Come, be a part of the campaign as the entire community of Electronic City gathers for a cause.

Date: Saturday, March 5, 2016
Assembly point: ELCITA office parking area, 7(P), ELCIA Complex, West Phase, Electronics City
Time: 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Honorable MLA Mr. Krishnappa has kindly agreed to be part of the campaign. We also have  individuals from residential apartments, colleges, companies, local administration offices, neighboring panchayats coming together for the campaign
Please share this message with your friends and neighbors in Electronic City, and ask them to join the campaign. Make your voice heard!

Please bring your own drinking water, caps etc .

You may choose to bring your own hand made anti plastic posters for the campaign.

Let’s make it a zero waste campaign.

For more information, contact us at subhan@elcita.in

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