Free Shuttle Service Between West Phase and East Phase

ELCITA has started a shuttle service between West Phase and East Phase of Electronics City from 2nd of January, 2019 to help ease commute of ELcitizens in view of traffic congestion in Electronics City. ELCITA encourages employees to avoid using personal vehicles to ply between Phase 1 and Phase 2, and make use of this service. This service would run on a trial basis and is free of charge.

Employees who want to use this service must show their employee ID before boarding and alighting the bus. This service will be integrated with our citizen app where in the employee login id would be authenticated using the company email id. Scanning QR code will make boarding the bus and alighting easy.

Route & Schedule

Download Routes & Schedule

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12 Responses

  1. Sai Kiran S says:

    Route 1 : What time will it start from Techm/TCS Gate 3 in the evening?

  2. Anil says:

    do we have app for ios device?

  3. Judith says:

    Could you please share the return schedule and timings as well.

  4. Michelle says:

    Gold Hill Supreme Park, which gate? Main front gate or back gate?

  5. Seena says:


    Do they have a boarding point in GM Infinite E City Town. If so, when they would reach the same. Also, what time would they reach at Gold HIll Supreme park for Trip No 1(Shuttle route No.2)

    Thank you

  6. akash says:

    Hi, its regarding citizen app query. Currently i am working at Infosys phase 2 , GHS tower. i am travelling from phase -1 neeladri nagar. It’s good initiative from ELCITA. Could you please provide the link of Citizen app, the one you have mentioned above.

  7. Lizy says:

    Will the shuttle take residents of electronic city who wish to shuttle between phase 1 and 2?

  8. Parimita says:

    Hi Team, any plan on increasing the no. of buses so that employees outside phase 1 & 2 also can be benefited? Free/Paid #shuttleservice from #Neotown Rd to nearest bus stops like Wipro Gate, Infosys Avenue or #ElectronicCity Tollgate will help all local residents greatly.

  9. Palani says:

    Is this shuttle service still there. I waited for 20 minutes for the Bus at Gate 3 Tech m/TCS but the bus scheduled for 3:30 pm did not come on 12-Mar

  10. sahana says:

    Morning at what time bus comes near HPE Entrance and evening at what time it comes near 378 bus stop.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Will this app be available in App stores ?

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