Electronics City Cultural Habba 2018

ELCITA intends to provide a platform to ELCitizens to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India. This will bring out hidden talents and create a sense of belonging. These events can mark the changing culture in Electronics City and be a great place to work and have fun. Those who visit and enjoy the performances have a great opportunity to network and make new contacts. New businesses or relationships can also blossom through the platform.

As a first step, ELCITA plans for an event where local talent will get an opportunity to perform for ELCitizens. Selected individuals/groups in the field of music, theatre, dance and any other art form can showcase their talent and entertain ELCitizens.

Date: August 31, 2018

Venue: Infosys Ground, Electronics City, Bengaluru

If you’ve got talent, or know someone with talent, please write to ecity_habba@elcita.in

Auditions are open now and the last date for registration is August 12, 2018.

Please circulate the registration link among employees in your organization.


Electronics City Township is known for its IT/ITES services and niche product lines that have led to exponential growth of the economy. Economic growth, complemented by socio-cultural activities provide a healthy ecosystem for individuals to scale up to their full potential.

Cultures are constantly changing and easily lost because it exists only in our minds. The most obvious cultural aspect is the body of cultural traditions that distinguish our specific society. While human societies and cultures are not the same, they are inextricably connected because culture is created and transmitted to others in a society. Cultures are not the products of lone individuals. They are continuously evolving products of people interacting with each other

In addition to showcasing professional artists through the platform, it is proposed to encourage budding artists who want to try out their talent. The applause and appreciation can inspire them to grow into professionals to enthrall people.

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